And so it begins again

How has your weekend been?? They just go too quickly don’t they.

photo copy 16

photo copy 13

This happened…. Who doesn’t love Italian. It was so yummy

photo copy 11

photo copy 12

The restaurant had crayons in the centre, I was simultaneously impressed and entertained. Was also impressed with zee muscles

photo copy 14

 Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 4.32.18 PM

I did not do anything at all festive but if I had I would have worn something like this. In the cooler weather I think this is a really cool look to channel when  clubbing. Effortlessly chic yet still very fun and tasteful

  photo copy 21

I love a good market on a Saturday, this was at the Jan Power markets in New Farm. The worst thing about markets though is that it’s next to impossible picking what you want to eat when it is all just so scrumptious.

photo copy 22

photo copy 18

I also played dress ups with one of my über glam friend’s new pieces from angle diamond dot, talk about perfection. I want to steal it all from her!

photo copy 17

J’adore this bangle!

May your week be filled with chic outfits, scrumptious food and some seriously happy times


Lest We Forget

Whilst I am always grateful to live in Australia it is days like ANZAC Day that truly remind me how lucky I am to be Australian.

photo copy 5

The weather is simply gorgeous.



Reminds me of the Hamilton Island weather…

photo copy 6



If you live in Brisbane I would seriously check out Botanica at Red Hill. All organic (I think) and the cupcakes were insane.


 photo copy 2-002

photo copy 7


I saw the movie ‘The Company We Keep’ last night. Have you seen it? It was my self appointed Journalism homework.

photo copy 8

I wore my new favourite jeans from Samantha Ogilvie and a Rachel Ruddick cuff. Don’t stress I handed in my assignment! Phewwww

Enjoy the rest of your day off x

I eat glitter for Breakfast

How has your weekend been?

Prime weekend weather isn’t it…

photo copy 4-001


photo copy 7-001


Bulk uni work has turned me into a major recluse.

photo copy 7

photo copy 6

Which is a shame as aren’t these new Mimco shoes screaming to be worn dancing? They are such Dorothy shoes

photo copy 5


I did leave the house to coach netball, probably could have been seen from the moon. Subtlety is not my forte

photo copy-001

Sista C had her interview, keep it simple and chic

photo copy 3-001


Ray-Ban Sunnies
Scanlan and Theodore Top
All Saints Boots
H&M Necklace
Maje Skirt

photo copy-002  photo copy 4-002

In other news I discovered the only way to study is with a pot of tea at the ready. Much better than when I thought listening to Eminem was a good study trick.

 photo copy 2-001

Enjoy the rest of this Sunday. I have a fitness session which I am somewhat dreading, at least it is more enjoyable than studying!


moi moi moi

My mother dearest was reading this little blog last night and after informing me of a spelling mistake tut tut (I am going to improve I promise) she said I should write more about myself.

At first I was quite perplexed by this as all I appear to do is write about myself and the seemingly mundane activities in my life. But after further thought the woman does have a point and whilst I don’t want to get all deep and meaningful on you as that is so not my style I thought I should share a little. I’ll keep it simple and share my beliefs…


I believe that one should always sparkle


That a fresh book on fashion is one of the greatest gifts you can be given


That dusk truly is the best time of day

photo copy 2

That one should travel to Eumundi markets just to buy the most scrumptious fudge on the planet

photo copy

That life is better at the beach

 photo copy 3

That families who compare Segway photos at a family dinner party are simply the best


That the only way to travel is as a shameless tourist

photo copy 3

That a gelato a day keeps the doctor away


That Anna Dello Russo is boss of the world

photo copy 3

That macaroons are the answer to everything bad in the world


And finally that you should always dream big


Get that Green on

What an exciting day Aussie Adam Scott has won the US Masters! Truly inspiring. To show support I purchased some chocolate for afternoon tea. I may not have a green jacket but I so totally have green chocolate!


It was just delectable albeit I nearly had to sell my arm to buy it. Never mind though it is healthy apparently, and you cannot put a price on that.


The ginger blast was also amaze, I promise you it is an instant shot of energy. I would say it is more energising than red cordial and that is a big call!



At University today I studied on the grass, twas just lovely. I also found the world’s best uni bag. It is Burberry and belongs to a classic friend of mine who invented ‘spewni’ and ‘shituation’ when describing a bad situation. Both words she uses effortlessly in everyday life which is a feat in itself!


In other exciting news Sista C has an  interview with an amazing company. So naturally we had to go shopping. Sam O was of course the first stop and as usual they did not dissapoint and she found the perfect black trousers.



We came home and raided the mothers silk blouses, she also did not disappoint.



I accidentally also brought the coolest pair of jeans. They are reversible and make me want to travel as how practical yet stylish would they be!

Anyway we can dream!

Weekend Antics


Hope you had a peachy weekend. Mine was not overtly exciting but alas it still had its moments.


Kept it simple in weekend stripes and sequins



Almsot did not make it through netball training, was torturous. Thank god there was this sunset, how gorgeous is it! I am obsessed with dusk.


photo copy 50


Finished with this yummo dinner, the rents and Jamie Oliver killed it. Jamie is one of the few people in the world who is yet to let me down, this dinner was just prime.

Peace out have a great week!

The Changeover

When I woke up yesterday I read my weekend horoscope on Yes I admit horoscopes are my guilty indulgence but I allow myself two minutes to look and then am done with it for another week. Anyway it told me that I would have this sudden urge to spring clean.


Naturally I scoffed at the idea, me spring cleaning?? Yeahh nooo…

But a few hours later when I was hitting the uni books, I actually could not concentrate as my messy cupboard was flashing through my mind bringing a lot of unnecessary frustration with it (massive first world problems I know).


As soon as I had finished my reading I raced to my room to fix it. I blame the colder weather as my cupboard needed to be organised to suit cooler dressing and as for the rest of my room well it just felt too summery and needed a more refined and aumtunmish feel, in other words I needed to perform a changeover…

This is how it went down.


Added a knits next to my sparkles. Ensuring I will never be cold in a lecture theatre again




Took away the bright colours from my side table and opted for something a little more rustic whilst still maintaining a touch of decadence. I don’t horse ride by the way but how chic is that horse riding hat? My mother found it in an op shop for me for $15.







Easy access to scarves and bright necklaces perfect for these transitional days. The other day I didn’t take a jumper to uni and it was utterly cold. Thankfully I had a scarf so I wrapped it around me like a blanket. Boom instant warmth and no friends!


This sits on my cupboard as a constant reminder to work hard so I can buy Chanel again. It may not work for everyone but clearly I am truly very shallow so this is sadly my motivation!

Anyway now that I am looking at my motivation I best be off to finish this way too festive reading diary for my literature class, who knew 1800 Russian novels could be so fun!

Happy Sunday



oh so pretty

Happy Friday! I am rejoicing somewhat internally being that I am currently curled up in my bed with only the new Vogue as company


Who doesn’t love a fresh Vogue, especially when it is Friday, rainy and all about  the Great Gatsby!


I am so ridiculously obsessed with that book and when combined with Baz Luhrmann and Miuccia Prada… I may just melt with excitement.



“Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead.”


In other news yesterday I went to such a pretty gals afternoon tea, which was a lovely surprise after a day at uni or as my friends refer to it ‘spewni’. I too am beginning to feel it deserves this name.



I am not a mega girly girly, but there is no other way to do killer afternoon tea than overtly pretty!



The cupcakes were my personal favourite. One or two actually threw themselves into my mouth, without me having so much as a second to stop it all from happening…  It was truly torturous.


My parents are currently out-dressing me which is just brilliant for the y’old self-esteem.

Ange is high-low mixing like a pro.


And whipping out these Alexander McQueen bad boys. I cried a little inside.


Nek minnut though they were on my feet and boy did they fit like a glove.


And father M is becoming an online shopaholic… I am really going to have to pick up my act!


I just found this picture when flicking through my media gallery and had to share! This was my 18th Birthday in Paris when were having a picnic in front of the Tour Eiffel. Note the red wine has a cork floating in it! Neither my friend nor I are the most practical thinkers. It made for a über classy picnic though!

Adios amigos have a beyond fabulous weekend!

Dreaming Of Paris

Ever find yourself dreaming of Paris? Me too…

photo copy 13

I have just stalked my photo albums from my whirlwind travels in Paris and France last year.


Well it is Throw Back Thursday and all so it seems fitting

photo copy 4

photo copy 12

Could I have been any more of a tourist?

photo copy 14

photo copy 3


Chanel flagship store and Laduree my two biggest weaknesses in life.

photo copy 6


Just creeping on AdR, perhaps the proudest moment of my life

photo copy 15

photo copy 19

Seriously such a magical place but I have to move on. You know that saying you can’t live in the past blah blah blah, I tried to find  the exact words but failed miserably all I found were some seriously weird quotes, that should never have been quoted by anyone, ever.

I Have a Confession To Make

I have recently come to the conclusion that I am ADDICTED to fashion websites, from, to I just cannot stop looking at them! In the wake of this discovery I have made the very tough but necessary decision to give up all fashion websites until my exams end in June.


(my face when finally admitting I am addicted)

So far I am 2 day into my ‘detox’ and am going strong. It is difficult as Australian Fashion Week is on at the moment and I know Tommy Ton has some killer pics on waiting for me to go crazy over, but not even one little peek has been had!

This is how I am spent my new abundance of free time!

photo copy

1.Went for a skate, or at least attempted to

photo copy 2

2. Tidied my humble room

photo copy 3

3. Made a salad and it was edible!!!! This may not seem like a big deal, but I tell you it seriously is I cannot do anything in the kitchen, so this is big. I once made a brownie packet mix that you had to add 3 ingredients to; water, eggs and oil annnd I forgot the water. Yes it tasted like dirt.


4. Headed to uni with Sista C, we have almost matching bags which is totes adorable especially when you walk around together!


5. Studied like a boss. My study pal went and brought me a choccie as a surprise, is she the best study buddy or is she the best study buddy?



Uni Attire: Inner hippie tie-dye shirt, Acne Jeans, Hermés Belt,  watchful Isabel Marant eye necklace. I find it best to keep it simple at uni as you want to be comfy. I did however see 2 friends in Birkenstocks it’s safe to say I was physically hurt. Birkenstocks are only acceptable in Europe and even that is a push!



6. Eaten an awful lot of chocolate. I think chocolate is my coping mechanism. Today I may have visited the lollie shop 3 times and had this for afternoon tea. It is the chicest chocolate mousse ever. It literally feels like you are eating chocolate clouds…

Fashionistas of the world please fell free to help out a friend let me know if there is any juicy fashion news! Get thinking pals… x