Superly Fab

Today I was fortunate to have a fab day interning. I wore these super comfy sparkly shorts from Seed, a vintage silk top, little vintage Prada piece and just some Sportsgirl boots.
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I have done a little interning over the year. I was thrown in the deep end with the first parade I helped with as it was just casually Chanel and I really had know idea what to do. I didn’t sink though (thank goodness!) and being surrounded by Chanel perfection was possibly the fashion highlight of my life. I have also done a few photoshoots here and there which are always fab!

Today we pulled outfits for a very glam parade (and not just glam for Brisbane but glam just in general) happening later this week. It will feature feathers, hats, gloves and the glamazons below… I am predicting that my self esteem may be at an all time low!





One thought on “Superly Fab

  1. Pretty Cheap Thing says:

    I LOVE those boots!!

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