Fine models and feathers


A couple of days ago The David Jones racing parade was on and it was utterly fabulous. I had the pleasure of dressing Samantha Harris and now officially love her, she is just so nice, hilarious and is beyond stunning. Firstly she gave me her mascara, secondly she filled me on Miranda and Orlando and thirldly she said if she ever does any more shows in town I have to be her dresser…. My life actually is complete.

Montana I didn’t get to speak to for as long but she seemed like a great gal as well. My epiphany of the day is that models are all stunning that they have nothing to worry about and are therefore down to earth lovely girls, this is a very generalized statement I know but it’s just what I have found! (proof of how stunning these 6 models are can be seen below)


I wore some gold one teaspoon shorts (love anything gold), a skull top from Japan I think, a cotton on silk thrown over the top which was literally cheaper than my lunch, a sistaco necklace and some Wittner shoes



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