What actually happens Part 1


What actually happens on a photo shoot:

I just realized that in my last post I briefly referenced that I work on a few photo shoots but I have never actually explained these occasions in any great detail. I know prior to experiencing a photo shoot for myself, I was quite unaware of what actually went on. All I knew was what Rachel Zoe, Americas Next Top Model and the September Issue had taught me and they are very glamourous versions of the truth! So time to share just a few little pieces of goss!

The days before…
Leading up to the photo shoot the stylist is either given a certain theme for the shoot or must themselves decides on a certain theme. Many different stores are then raided and looks are pulled. Being the intern usually you carry many garment bags around all these shops, which really helps to build your arm muscles. Last week I carried around massive hat boxes, I felt like the assistants in ‘The Devil Wear Prada’ carrying all of the bags, except I was a lot happier. It’s incredibly fun picking looks as it is like picking a dream wardrobe without having to pay, shame you cannot keep it though. I actually was surprised with how difficult it is though to find just what yo are looking for, the stylist have to be incredibly creative with a lot of what they are given or select.


The Day of…
All the pieces are carted to the studio or location and the fun begins. Interns must ensure all the clothes are hung up neatly and in order and all the shoes and accessories are on display. Tip 1, coat hangers should always be facing the same way and in the correct order! Once this is done each piece of clothing must be steamed so that it is beyond perfect for the model. Holding and using a steamer is like using a weapon as you can seriously kill the clothes, this is very dramatic I know but I get seriously freaked when using it. Shoes also have to be dealt with, the soles are covered with paper and then tape to make sure the soles are not damaged by models elegantly gallivanting everywhere! Outfits are then chosen by the stylist who seems to make them look 50 times cooler than you could have expected.
Whilst all this is occurring the model arrives. Not only have all models won the gene lottery, but they all have incredible style, it helps when you have never ending legs and perfect hair to pull it off, but still they all rock up looking fabulous. The hair and makeup begins for them, cue all time low self esteem for myself. The model then usually proves she’s also a lovely girl and we all fall in love with her a little.


She then slips into her first look of the shoot, and we all hopefully become stunned with how amazing it looks. My favorite model quote is from when I was helping a model get into the heaviest most amazing Ellery crystal top, I said to her I didn’t want her hair to get caught and she said ‘who cares that shit grows back anyway’ as she continued to pull it on.

The photographer then summons all the crew to the ideal spot they have chosen. The stylist is constantly moving the outfit to ensure it looks perfect and it’s all action from then on.

This continues for the day and then eventually all the clothes have to be itemized ready to be returned! This is actually a very brief version but any more detail would put people to sleep I feel.


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