James Street Up Late

Was too fabulous for words. Glamorous people roamed the street carrying gift bags full of macaroons and other lovely things. I think it is without a doubt the highlight of the Brisbane Fashion Year.

Unfortunately I have a blackberry which is not only a mere two months old but is also broken so unfortunately could not take any pics. It did not hit me until I arrived back home that I could have taken the Nikon but would have been to clever! I have raided Jackie Frank’s Twitter she had some lovely ones.


The Frockshop window, Ahhhh-mazing


Outside Camilla, love it!


As I am traveling soonish I am madly saving every dollar so did not purchase anything, I deserve a medal or something for that! My sister did however get me this little friendship bracelet, I am just a little obsessed with it, we got it from Frockshop

It’s by Ettika all their pieces are so yummy!

And it fits in perfectly with the usual stack I adorn.

With my sister, I am on the right. My attire, the shirt is vintage, shorts are One Teaspoon, the jacket was made in Thailand, necklace Sistaco and the shoes are Marni


The next one whenever it may be could not and should not be missed!


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