Things we spotted…

There was a few trend prevalent across many of the Bris fashionistas last night, here is what we learnt and saw.

1. You are apparently no one unless you adorn something from the latest Sass andBide collection, it is a rather fabulous one.


2. Straight colour blocking is out and more subtle blocking with bohemian touches is in, think Camillaish, St Bartish if you get my gist.

3. The fashion director of Marie Claire’s bag is a total must have. They are by the Cambridge Satchel company and are around $130. Hers was bright pink but any are perfect


4. In this awkward weather keep the minnie skirts and dresses but add a boot with a thicker heel (not a wedge a little to chunky and 2011) suede is lovely. These ones from Jules and Roc are pretty great


5. A few girls also had nail polish like below, with the little touch of sparkle, kitsch nail polish is so fun I had to do it myself..



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