Inspired by D&G

Perhaps my favorite ever collection is the final collection for D&G shown Spring Summer 2012 RTW… I have looked at it close to twenty times and it’s still love…

Karmen Pedaru opened the show how heavenly

Clashing of prints is insanely good

Mustard yellow very yum

Doesn’t Constance have the worlds best eyes and the hair and makeup at the show was lovely

Last night I party hopped between two 18th’s and I thought I should wear something festive, yet practical for party hopping, I was inspired by this collection. I wore a long Camilla but tied it up. Seeing as we can’t all magically whip out outfits made of scarves a whimsical caftan is a good way to take this trend from the Runway to real life. Slash whilst a Camilla caftan may at first seem a little on the expensive side, they are seriously so practical and can be worn numerous ways, it should really be classified as an investment!

I brought turquoise and orange ribbon to specifically match my outfit, yes I am very materialistic.

Camilla has the best detailing, a little glitz goes a long way.

I wore these shoes with it, I brought them in South Africa, aren’t they just Africa in a shoe?


One thought on “Inspired by D&G

  1. Charlotte says:

    Nice Camilla!! Wish I had one like that!

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