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How to dress like a model off duty

Without a doubt my favorite style is the model off duty style. It helps for models as they have the grace, legs and well clothes available to perfectly pull it off, but there is still a few tips we could all steal.

Firstly there are a general three types of dressing which most of the most stylish models stick to.

1. The Traditional think jeans, great boots, an Alexander Wang bag, a classic tee and a perfect overcoat. They love the use of fur, leather and a knit. Karlie Kloss is the perfect example!







2. Vintage Cool This is a little bit more out there and dramatic with vintage flair. Abbey Lee and Frida are our go to girls for this.





3. I am so stylish I should be styling this show not just modeling in it This style is usually shown by model veterans who have established themselves as models and can now show their own style. Incredibly fashionable and always on trend, these girls perfectly execute high end designer pieces. They look as if they should be sitting in the front row not walking in front of it. Think Anja Rubik, Hanne Gaby and Abbey Lee has also recently joined this field.







In my closet I think I tend to go for a mix between the classic and vintage, as I don’t have a wardrobe full of Proenza Schouler or Marni to met the third criteria!

Acne leather vest, with a tied sheer skirt from a random shop somewhere, shoes Beau Coops from Frockshop and hat from Rubi shoes.

Tiffany blue is out and Hermes orange is in

My sister read this quote on an Interiors Blog and was said by some Interiors Queen regarding decor colours. Isn’t it a fabulous quote? It really got me thinking and I believe that it is also very applicable to fashion trends as well, Tiffany turquoise should be kept to the minimum as Hermes orange is now what all the fashionistas are craving. My evidence to support this hypothesis can be seen when many of the Fall 2012 RTW collections are analysed; including , Acne, Hermes, Pucci and many more selected the oh so chic orange and it looks grand.






This Sass and Bide shirt is fabulous, paired with leather shorts, a bright silk sarf and white short converses, very touristy cool attire all that is missing is a baguette, tres chic

I brought this top on sale for $15, and has a great shape will cool cut outs, I am quite the fan of it. It’s worth planning a trip to Paris and London as you learn the life lesson of bargain hunting, I am becoming quite the expert!


Ironically however if you are looking to colour block, pair this orange with a Tiffany blue, orange literally screams to be worn with turquoise and so many people miss it. Trust, it takes the outfit to the next level. A big turquoise necklace is appropriate or a Ysl arty ring, all people who read blogs I think Love a good Ysl number! From net-a-porter


Go Big or Go Home

I have always been more of a statement necklace kinda gal, most likely because I don’t have my ears pierced. I do however have a good collection of vintage clip ons mostly 80’s ones from my mother which will occasionally make an appearance. If you are wondering wearing clip ons would perhaps be one of life’s toughest challenges, they are fine if you do not touch or move them but as soon as you do it’s like hell has come to earth, that’s perhaps quite an exaggeration.

Moving on many Spring Summer 2012 RTW collections featured statement earrings so tonight I thought I just had to embrace this trend.



The pair I wore were a graduation gift and are vintage Chanel. They are officially the new favorite as aren’t they pretty sheila’s and they are also the most comfortable.

The top I wore them with was vintage and cost $10, incredibly expensive but just had to do it!
I wore them with vintage leather shorts from Melbourne, Marni shoes, some random bangles and an Alexander McQueen ring. I didn’t want to take a bag and didn’t want to carry a clutch so took this little purse I brought in Singapore for $2, literally made to fit a blackberry.

The Scanlan and Theodore event was great. Some very stylish ladies and gorgeous models, I really need to start taking photos at these things. If you love shoes please go look at the new Scanlan shoes I promise you they are the most amazing things ever, you will not be disappointed!

Ab fab

Abs are currently stalking me, they are on display everywhere and it is utterly fabulous.

My main gal Sam, in Willow

Vintage SJP

Karlie Kloss in Prada

This is exactly what us Queenslander’s should wear in winter, perfect weather conditions for it. Prada Spring Summer 2012 RTW

Pure perfection at Coachella

Model off dutyish at Coachella, fabulous


Get the look at Topshop
and pair with a long slouch cardie, little boots and an Alexander Wang bag for a cooler look. Or with espadrilles, big earrings and perfect hair for a more elegantly chic attire.

I brought this fabulously cool skirt from an op shop for $7 and I am going to get my very talented friend to chop off the bottom and use the fabric to make a Prada inspired midriff. Very frugal!
Anyways off to find an outfit for the Scanlan and Theodore parade this evening should be pretty yummy with all their scrumptious furs!

Lovin the logies

Some grand dresses as well. Lots of glitz and glamour, you can always count on the Home and Away gals for that.

Can you spot the similarities between Givenchy Couture and the J’Aton dress Asher Keddie is wearing?




It’s also incredibly un Australian at the moment if you do not talk about One Direction. Lets hope their performance lives up to their dress standards, I applaud their stylist on these attires. I am also loving all the stalker twit pics and selfies all the stars are taking with the boys, classic Aussies.


They are officially presenting an award hectic times!

Pure Bliss

I hope all had a swell Easter!

How amazing is the full moon?


The weather at the beach was lovely for the first couple of days, but it did take at turn for the worst and I did find myself looking through 2008 Harpers BAZAAR’s and Madison’s

I saw this Swarovski advertisements and it immediately reminded me of this sportsgirl necklace, floating around.


There were many other similar things I saw, history does repeat it self. I shall post after I have unpacked, what a thrilling task!

Trend to try: over the top suit

If I had a dollar for the amount of over the top, matching suits shown at the Fall 2012 shows, I would be very, very rich. Miu miu, Prada, Camilla and Marc and so so many more did it and think we all need to be brave and rock this attire, furthermore we will all look like those oh so glamorous fashionistas on the streets outside of the show. Feast your eyes on the pictures below…




How to wear a suit:

Option one: As a whole uniform (pretty much straight off the runway)


20120328-194817.jpg Prada

Can be brought at Asos


Option Two: With crazy as accessories (for the brave and daring, but so fabulous)



20120328-202156.jpg via Frockshop

20120328-202311.jpg via Diva

20120328-202631.jpg via Net-a-porter

20120328-202836.jpg via Net-a-porter

Option 3: Mix and Match (probably the most appropriate for the casual burbs of Aus)



20120328-203312.jpg via Sass and Bide

20120328-203748.jpg via Shopbop

Off to the beach.

Off to the beach the weather looks lovely doesn’t it.

Anyways I am sure it will clear up and look like this, I just won’t be quite as glamorous.




I am going to take a few of my scarves and rock the head scarf, Gucci style.


This cool clutch is going to become my best friend I can just tell.

In other news in between starting this post my little dog ate 150 grams of chocolate, yes we are now one of those cringe worthy stories that you hear and think how could anyone be so stupid. So she is at the vet for the day and possibly night, which is very sad for all but she will be fine. On the positive the weather has cleared!


Happy Easter long weekend eve!

Trend to Try: Leather gloves

I mentioned the other day that my next winter must have is leather gloves. My Vogue just arrived in the mail and my suspicions have been proven correct that this will be quite a big trend.

Joan Smalls looks as stunning as ever on the cover and look what she is wearing!


This trend was all over many of the Fall 2012 RTW Collections, looking at its best with dresses.

20120403-161430.jpg Bottega Veneta

20120403-161847.jpg Missoni

Dents at Harvey Nichols $190

Dries Van Noten at Far Fetch

As I am posting this I just realised that when it is the Australian winter I will be in London in Summer! All I have been thinking about is my winter wardrobe, look out for some more summer inspired posts!

Pretty in Pink

I have never been a pretty in pink kinda gal, but I found a pair of pastel pink pants for $4 (I know, cheap as chips!) which are perfect for work.


20120404-090344.jpg I whipped out my few pieces of pastel jewelry to accompany the pants.

Since buying the pants pastel’s have been stalking me…







20120404-092003.jpg Net-a-porter

Clearly the ‘Nothing over $30’ shop I brought them from was unknowingly ahead of the trend! Pastels is the perfect colour for the autum months and for Easter, it’s just seems