What we Read


I am currently reading a very grand book. I read a lot but only ever girly and fashiony books as I cannot handle sad books or movies. I am loving the one I am currently reading as it is less about relationships and all that boring jazz and more about how a fashion magazine works and the dramas behind it! Very fascinating. We brought it from a second hand store at St Kilda for $5, $5 well spent!


My favourite line in it is when her assistant says to the editor in chief, ‘You’re in Australia now, so bloody well get up and act like a battler.’ How good is that line!


This is a little of my fashion book collection plus my type writer whom I love dearly. How I combat not having a laptop, having an iPad + a type writer, clever I know!


Top five fashion books:
1. Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edward Jones… Ahhhh behold the most incredible book to ever grace the planet

2. Irreverent by Carine Roitfeld. Think French Vogues most amazing editorials all in one place

3. Prada written by many. Miuccia I love you and this book I think weighs more than my dog

4. Bringing Home the Birkin by Michael Tonello. It is about Birkins what’s not to love?

5. Alexander McQueen Genius of the Generation by Kristin Knox. Genius is an understatement


But the next fashion book on my list is one of those fabulous clutches, if Natalie can we all can.


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