Trend to try: over the top suit

If I had a dollar for the amount of over the top, matching suits shown at the Fall 2012 shows, I would be very, very rich. Miu miu, Prada, Camilla and Marc and so so many more did it and think we all need to be brave and rock this attire, furthermore we will all look like those oh so glamorous fashionistas on the streets outside of the show. Feast your eyes on the pictures below…




How to wear a suit:

Option one: As a whole uniform (pretty much straight off the runway)


20120328-194817.jpg Prada

Can be brought at Asos


Option Two: With crazy as accessories (for the brave and daring, but so fabulous)



20120328-202156.jpg via Frockshop

20120328-202311.jpg via Diva

20120328-202631.jpg via Net-a-porter

20120328-202836.jpg via Net-a-porter

Option 3: Mix and Match (probably the most appropriate for the casual burbs of Aus)



20120328-203312.jpg via Sass and Bide

20120328-203748.jpg via Shopbop

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