Go Big or Go Home

I have always been more of a statement necklace kinda gal, most likely because I don’t have my ears pierced. I do however have a good collection of vintage clip ons mostly 80’s ones from my mother which will occasionally make an appearance. If you are wondering wearing clip ons would perhaps be one of life’s toughest challenges, they are fine if you do not touch or move them but as soon as you do it’s like hell has come to earth, that’s perhaps quite an exaggeration.

Moving on many Spring Summer 2012 RTW collections featured statement earrings so tonight I thought I just had to embrace this trend.



The pair I wore were a graduation gift and are vintage Chanel. They are officially the new favorite as aren’t they pretty sheila’s and they are also the most comfortable.

The top I wore them with was vintage and cost $10, incredibly expensive but just had to do it!
I wore them with vintage leather shorts from Melbourne, Marni shoes, some random bangles and an Alexander McQueen ring. I didn’t want to take a bag and didn’t want to carry a clutch so took this little purse I brought in Singapore for $2, literally made to fit a blackberry.

The Scanlan and Theodore event was great. Some very stylish ladies and gorgeous models, I really need to start taking photos at these things. If you love shoes please go look at the new Scanlan shoes I promise you they are the most amazing things ever, you will not be disappointed!

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