How to dress like a model off duty

Without a doubt my favorite style is the model off duty style. It helps for models as they have the grace, legs and well clothes available to perfectly pull it off, but there is still a few tips we could all steal.

Firstly there are a general three types of dressing which most of the most stylish models stick to.

1. The Traditional think jeans, great boots, an Alexander Wang bag, a classic tee and a perfect overcoat. They love the use of fur, leather and a knit. Karlie Kloss is the perfect example!







2. Vintage Cool This is a little bit more out there and dramatic with vintage flair. Abbey Lee and Frida are our go to girls for this.





3. I am so stylish I should be styling this show not just modeling in it This style is usually shown by model veterans who have established themselves as models and can now show their own style. Incredibly fashionable and always on trend, these girls perfectly execute high end designer pieces. They look as if they should be sitting in the front row not walking in front of it. Think Anja Rubik, Hanne Gaby and Abbey Lee has also recently joined this field.







In my closet I think I tend to go for a mix between the classic and vintage, as I don’t have a wardrobe full of Proenza Schouler or Marni to met the third criteria!

Acne leather vest, with a tied sheer skirt from a random shop somewhere, shoes Beau Coops from Frockshop and hat from Rubi shoes.

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