Tiffany blue is out and Hermes orange is in

My sister read this quote on an Interiors Blog and was said by some Interiors Queen regarding decor colours. Isn’t it a fabulous quote? It really got me thinking and I believe that it is also very applicable to fashion trends as well, Tiffany turquoise should be kept to the minimum as Hermes orange is now what all the fashionistas are craving. My evidence to support this hypothesis can be seen when many of the Fall 2012 RTW collections are analysed; including , Acne, Hermes, Pucci and many more selected the oh so chic orange and it looks grand.






This Sass and Bide shirt is fabulous, paired with leather shorts, a bright silk sarf and white short converses, very touristy cool attire all that is missing is a baguette, tres chic

I brought this top on sale for $15, and has a great shape will cool cut outs, I am quite the fan of it. It’s worth planning a trip to Paris and London as you learn the life lesson of bargain hunting, I am becoming quite the expert!


Ironically however if you are looking to colour block, pair this orange with a Tiffany blue, orange literally screams to be worn with turquoise and so many people miss it. Trust, it takes the outfit to the next level. A big turquoise necklace is appropriate or a Ysl arty ring, all people who read blogs I think Love a good Ysl number! From net-a-porter


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