More is More

Without a doubt that is the best saying ever… The more jewelry the better, the more lollies and chocolate the better, completely proving my point. My Vogue just arrived in the mail, always thrilling, and the first two advertisements I spied, displayed that right now more is more, and well what Vogue says we all must do. Daria is on the cover, what a super star and glamazon, if I could look like anyone I think I would choose her or Magdalena, tough choice! Daria is rocking Balmain as per usual.

This was the first advertisement for Prada

This was Chanel

What do the two have in common? An abundance of jewelry, get layering gals and if you are game add some glitz too the mix. A lot of people believe that glitzy jewelry it too dressy for day time, but I think it is utterly perfect! Not only do you look the most stylish but you are one of a few who sparkle during both day and night! Sequins during the day is also a glitzy option. This sequin bag accompanies me on many outings.

I wish I could wear sequins like this though…

This is the perfect ‘More is More’ necklace. It’s by Tom Binns from net-a-porter


In other news Marie Claire editor Jackie Frank and I chatted on twitter, well a little, but still we are now practically good friends, if only she took me to Sydney Fashion Week with her, her is hoping for next year!



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