Sydney Fashion Week’s never ending wish list…

If I could have been anywhere in the world over the past week it would have been Sydney Spring Summer 2012/13 fashion week. I am literally drooling over the pictures, so much Aussie talent on show it’s heavenly. The Aussie models are all stunning as well, my favorite is Nicole Pollard. I was fortunate enough to help on a photo shoot she was in not long ago and she is such a great model and nice girl, most definitely one to watch! Here is my very compressed wish list.

This whole Zimmermann attire, beach must have

Pure perfection, fabulous Zimmermann togs

Entire Camilla look, perfectly styled. Need the shell necklace!

Kind of subtle, but not really, Aussie pride, love it!

These ksubi leather pants are a necessity

A Johanna Johnson head piece. I would pair it with my future ksubi leather pants, Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 heels (you know the ones, ultra feminine type with a modern vibe) and a vintage fur. The options are endless!

Ahhhh so in love with the whole Aje collection, without a doubt my favorite collection, and it is their first time showing at MBFWA, what overachievers! The vibe is very Balmain meeting the coolness Alexander Wang Spring 2010, so basically if you are looking for a cool party outfit this is your go to collection. Honestly could not pick the best look but this is one is top five so every single piece is now on my wish list.

Have a look at all the collections on Vogue

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