Italian Riviera Glamour

I have just returned for spending a week wearing bright hats, eating gelato, swimming, hiking and admiring the insanely glamorous Italian ladies! Which was seriously beyond fabulous.

I now know I want to be Italian which is hard when you have fair skin, dark blonde hair and blue eyes, but honestly they are the coolest bunch of people ever! Whilst lying on the beach I mentally compiled a few tips on how to look as glam as the Italian beach goers.

1. To go from beach to bar add a bright coral or pink lip.

2. Have a bright and fabulous towel, it was an unwritten beach goer rule I swear! (see proof in pics below).

3. Carry a cotton bandana and when you ruin your ‘do’ wet the bandana and wrap it around your head. To look like a natural do it swiftly, I saw so many gals doing this and it looks beyond chic.

4. Many wear Converse’s as they are practical for day trips and to make them look more stylish rock it with little lace shorts and an oversized top or button up. Worn over bikinis it is perfect for the beach but is also glam enough for the bar or dinner.

5. Make sure your arms are adorned with a few friendship bracelets (bright colours preferable) but you obviously have to be able to swim in them.

Anyways here are a few happy snaps from the trip!












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