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Fashion Royalty Tips and Tricks…

Having been surrounded by some very chic gals during fashion week I have seen a few trends and tricks that we all should try. I am going to skip over all the massive usual trends you see written in every single magazine these days (you know the ones opulent, purple, optical illusions, tops over trousers, etc …) and well base it more on what the fashion forward glamazons are actually wearing.

1. Boyfriend jeans + pointy shoes

The fash crowd are loving this clash of masculine and feminine as I think it creates a perfect balance. Pair it with a kitsch tee and a glam necklace and you will be the coolest in the crowd, for sure!



2. Beanies are best

I blame beanie obsessed Cara Delevigne for this as whilst Anna Dello Russo also is guilty of loving a beanie way back when, I think Cara is quite influential with the youngsters (especially since she was rumooured to be dating Harry Styles) and all of the the cool kids are now wearing them. And not even just for winter, basically just with anything but make the outfit quite glam to try and avoid looking to hobo as hobo chic doesn’t technically exist!




3. A formal skirt with a slouchy jumper

If we are to really think about this, this micro trend has transcended from Haider Ackerman Spring Summer 2012 collection and now that Poppy Delevigne and Alexa Chung have done it if is officially a trend to Try. Try it yourself by pairing your tweed, sparkly or sheer skirt with a grandpa jumper. Trust me you will look grand!


4. Western is back from the west

I don’t think Isabel Marant is given the credit she deserves for how truly influential she is with youngsters. You know the shoes you most liked just brought the sneakers with the hidden wedge, well she did them first and now they are a cult classic in Europe. Her Fall 2012 collection featured a subtle and sexy western theme, well it wasn’t that subtle but it was like ‘let’s put the model in a cowboy hat and riding on a horse’ (thank god!) It was more like ‘let’s pair these awesome red leather jeans with perfect cowboy boots and pretty silk pieces.’ It is so easy to work into your wardrobe and it looks fabulous. Just remember be subtle you don’t want to look like you are a sole cowgirl at an invisible cowboys and Indians party.


5. Emerald green is boss

I am assuming that with the new Anna Karenina movie out people are expecting there to be another killer emerald green dress like ‘that’ dress Kiera wore in Atonement and are trying to get ahead of the trend. Or perhaps a more likely explanation is that Gucci used emerald in their Fall collection and seeing as mint was the colour of summer it is a natural progression to wear emerald. Well whatever it is it looks boss on everyone I would safely say it is the sexiest out. Stay away from straight colour blocking as that was a few too many seasons ago and is a little tired but try it with a bright pattern or crisp white.




My Week with sass & bide

These past couple of weeks I was lucky enough to work at Sass & Bide getting ready for their show at London Fashion Week. It was honestly one of the most surreal, and incredible experiences I have had.

Being the massive loser that I am I usually sit on when London fashion week is on continually hitting the refresh button until I see the Sass & Bide show, so touching it and seeing it before basically anyone else in the world was insane! Then meeting and working alongside the uber creative Sarah Jane and Heidi (who are more cool and stylish in real life of that is possible) and the rest of the lovely and incredibly talented Sass & Bide team was literally amazing.

Here are a few snaps I snapped along the way, they however do not do the general coolness Sass & Bide oozes justice..









Bulk Blinging…

Hope everyone had a splendid Fashion Night Out. We crashed the All Saints party in London Town which was very nice, we bulk blinged for the occasion…