Trend to Try

I have decided I am going to dedicate Thursday to ‘trend to try’, the alliteration works what can I say!

With the Fall 2013 RTW collections only recently finishing there is an abundance of new trends out there just waiting to be tried and tested, but I think the simplest is this little one from Chanel. Now I am not going to lie you do have to be a quite brave to pull it off, but when has a little bravery ever hurt anyone!


_D7Q0896.450x675 CHA_2327.450x675 CHA_2372.450x675


Do you see how they wear the necklace over the top over their hair? Hello quirky yet fabulous!

Put this necklace over your luscious, straight locks and pair with a pair of black jeans, and oversized light grey shirt and some uber cool leather boots and BAADDAABING you have the Karl look (I say Karl because isn’t this collection just so very Karl even more so than Coco? Whatever it is I am obsessed)

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 7.31.45 AMNecklace by Lovisa $24.99 and in the flesh it is massive, chunky and fabulous and would sit perfectly for this trend.


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