Take me to a far away land…

Happy Easter Sunday.

We are off to Hamilton Island in 2 hours ok so it is not that far away but it is perfection.

Words cannot begin to describe my excitement.

photo copy 12

photo copy 61

Other than my very pale skin which I blame on the fact I am 1/4 British I am a beach bum at heart.

photo copy 3

My favourite places in the worlds are places where there is great beaches (and good shopping always helps too)

484057_10151183157480917_257058729_n 2

The packing is going brilliantly…… Sarcasm intended

photo copy 70

I once went to the beach for the weekend when I was 12 and when we arrived said “Mum did you pack the shorts for me” To which she replied “I didn’t pack anything for you”

photo copy 63

photo copy 65

photo copy 66

So we had to go shopping and I received a new beach wardrobe… I wish I could say I was sneaky and just planned for all that to happen but that would be a lie.

photo copy 51

In other news one dam fine Easter Bunny brought me the worlds greatest presents

photo copy 69

photo copy 67


One thought on “Take me to a far away land…

  1. What a lovely blog name and feel good blog you have! I am completely envying you for those ray bans – I am trying to find those mirrored aviators but they seem to be sold out everywhere…
    Find me here. http://www.theflamboyante.com

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