Snap back to reality

Obviously my head is still among the clouds dreaming of my new swimming pal Larry

photo copy 2


What a handsome devil!

IMG_1471Luckily I had a soft landing with a lovely friends ’19th Soiree’




I wore my jungle. Penelope the peacock and The serpent

photo copy 62


Followed it with an unintentionally matching morning walk, chilled chai and too many waffles…


When did chilled chai become so trendy?? Well whenever it happened I just think it is the best thing since sliced bread



Anyway have you seen the trend report from It is quite fabulous. While I am off at breakfast and Saturday morning tennis, go look at it!!


Sending you some happy Saturday vibes from Sourced Grocer x

4 thoughts on “Snap back to reality

  1. Jenny says:

    Great pictures dear!! love your blog!
    check out my blog,

  2. Vanes says:

    I love the accesories! the peacock ring is perfect!
    xx Vanes

  3. Sergio says:


    really love your attitude!

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