I Have a Confession To Make

I have recently come to the conclusion that I am ADDICTED to fashion websites, from style.com, to vogue.com.au I just cannot stop looking at them! In the wake of this discovery I have made the very tough but necessary decision to give up all fashion websites until my exams end in June.


(my face when finally admitting I am addicted)

So far I am 2 day into my ‘detox’ and am going strong. It is difficult as Australian Fashion Week is on at the moment and I know Tommy Ton has some killer pics on style.com waiting for me to go crazy over, but not even one little peek has been had!

This is how I am spent my new abundance of free time!

photo copy

1.Went for a skate, or at least attempted to

photo copy 2

2. Tidied my humble room

photo copy 3

3. Made a salad and it was edible!!!! This may not seem like a big deal, but I tell you it seriously is I cannot do anything in the kitchen, so this is big. I once made a brownie packet mix that you had to add 3 ingredients to; water, eggs and oil annnd I forgot the water. Yes it tasted like dirt.


4. Headed to uni with Sista C, we have almost matching bags which is totes adorable especially when you walk around together!


5. Studied like a boss. My study pal went and brought me a choccie as a surprise, is she the best study buddy or is she the best study buddy?



Uni Attire: Inner hippie tie-dye shirt, Acne Jeans, Hermés Belt,  watchful Isabel Marant eye necklace. I find it best to keep it simple at uni as you want to be comfy. I did however see 2 friends in Birkenstocks it’s safe to say I was physically hurt. Birkenstocks are only acceptable in Europe and even that is a push!



6. Eaten an awful lot of chocolate. I think chocolate is my coping mechanism. Today I may have visited the lollie shop 3 times and had this for afternoon tea. It is the chicest chocolate mousse ever. It literally feels like you are eating chocolate clouds…

Fashionistas of the world please fell free to help out a friend let me know if there is any juicy fashion news! Get thinking pals… x






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