oh so pretty

Happy Friday! I am rejoicing somewhat internally being that I am currently curled up in my bed with only the new Vogue as company


Who doesn’t love a fresh Vogue, especially when it is Friday, rainy and all about  the Great Gatsby!


I am so ridiculously obsessed with that book and when combined with Baz Luhrmann and Miuccia Prada… I may just melt with excitement.



“Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead.”


In other news yesterday I went to such a pretty gals afternoon tea, which was a lovely surprise after a day at uni or as my friends refer to it ‘spewni’. I too am beginning to feel it deserves this name.



I am not a mega girly girly, but there is no other way to do killer afternoon tea than overtly pretty!



The cupcakes were my personal favourite. One or two actually threw themselves into my mouth, without me having so much as a second to stop it all from happening…  It was truly torturous.


My parents are currently out-dressing me which is just brilliant for the y’old self-esteem.

Ange is high-low mixing like a pro.


And whipping out these Alexander McQueen bad boys. I cried a little inside.


Nek minnut though they were on my feet and boy did they fit like a glove.


And father M is becoming an online shopaholic… I am really going to have to pick up my act!


I just found this picture when flicking through my media gallery and had to share! This was my 18th Birthday in Paris when were having a picnic in front of the Tour Eiffel. Note the red wine has a cork floating in it! Neither my friend nor I are the most practical thinkers. It made for a über classy picnic though!

Adios amigos have a beyond fabulous weekend!

2 thoughts on “oh so pretty

  1. Charlotte says:

    Haha Ange…very funny! And I saw you eat those two cupcakes, the poor darlings did have much of a chance once you had them in your possession. Bye darling xx

  2. Angela says:

    I love the cover of The Great Gatsby with Mia and Robert. I loved the clothes in this movie epecially Bob’s Ralph Lauren suits.

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