The Changeover

When I woke up yesterday I read my weekend horoscope on Yes I admit horoscopes are my guilty indulgence but I allow myself two minutes to look and then am done with it for another week. Anyway it told me that I would have this sudden urge to spring clean.


Naturally I scoffed at the idea, me spring cleaning?? Yeahh nooo…

But a few hours later when I was hitting the uni books, I actually could not concentrate as my messy cupboard was flashing through my mind bringing a lot of unnecessary frustration with it (massive first world problems I know).


As soon as I had finished my reading I raced to my room to fix it. I blame the colder weather as my cupboard needed to be organised to suit cooler dressing and as for the rest of my room well it just felt too summery and needed a more refined and aumtunmish feel, in other words I needed to perform a changeover…

This is how it went down.


Added a knits next to my sparkles. Ensuring I will never be cold in a lecture theatre again




Took away the bright colours from my side table and opted for something a little more rustic whilst still maintaining a touch of decadence. I don’t horse ride by the way but how chic is that horse riding hat? My mother found it in an op shop for me for $15.







Easy access to scarves and bright necklaces perfect for these transitional days. The other day I didn’t take a jumper to uni and it was utterly cold. Thankfully I had a scarf so I wrapped it around me like a blanket. Boom instant warmth and no friends!


This sits on my cupboard as a constant reminder to work hard so I can buy Chanel again. It may not work for everyone but clearly I am truly very shallow so this is sadly my motivation!

Anyway now that I am looking at my motivation I best be off to finish this way too festive reading diary for my literature class, who knew 1800 Russian novels could be so fun!

Happy Sunday



One thought on “The Changeover

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hi Darling, your room looks lovely! x

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