Get that Green on

What an exciting day Aussie Adam Scott has won the US Masters! Truly inspiring. To show support I purchased some chocolate for afternoon tea. I may not have a green jacket but I so totally have green chocolate!


It was just delectable albeit I nearly had to sell my arm to buy it. Never mind though it is healthy apparently, and you cannot put a price on that.


The ginger blast was also amaze, I promise you it is an instant shot of energy. I would say it is more energising than red cordial and that is a big call!



At University today I studied on the grass, twas just lovely. I also found the world’s best uni bag. It is Burberry and belongs to a classic friend of mine who invented ‘spewni’ and ‘shituation’ when describing a bad situation. Both words she uses effortlessly in everyday life which is a feat in itself!


In other exciting news Sista C has an  interview with an amazing company. So naturally we had to go shopping. Sam O was of course the first stop and as usual they did not dissapoint and she found the perfect black trousers.



We came home and raided the mothers silk blouses, she also did not disappoint.



I accidentally also brought the coolest pair of jeans. They are reversible and make me want to travel as how practical yet stylish would they be!

Anyway we can dream!

One thought on “Get that Green on

  1. Fabliha says:

    It looks like you go to UQ (I do too :D)
    I love the print on those new jeans of yours xx


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