I eat glitter for Breakfast

How has your weekend been?

Prime weekend weather isn’t it…

photo copy 4-001


photo copy 7-001


Bulk uni work has turned me into a major recluse.

photo copy 7

photo copy 6

Which is a shame as aren’t these new Mimco shoes screaming to be worn dancing? They are such Dorothy shoes

photo copy 5


I did leave the house to coach netball, probably could have been seen from the moon. Subtlety is not my forte

photo copy-001

Sista C had her interview, keep it simple and chic

photo copy 3-001


Ray-Ban Sunnies
Scanlan and Theodore Top
All Saints Boots
H&M Necklace
Maje Skirt

photo copy-002  photo copy 4-002

In other news I discovered the only way to study is with a pot of tea at the ready. Much better than when I thought listening to Eminem was a good study trick.

 photo copy 2-001

Enjoy the rest of this Sunday. I have a fitness session which I am somewhat dreading, at least it is more enjoyable than studying!


6 thoughts on “I eat glitter for Breakfast

  1. Charlotte says:

    They are very cool shoes! Can’t wait to see you wear them. You are a very cool coach, they love you xx

  2. Lucy says:

    Amazing pics!! i love those shoes!!!

    Style Without Limits

  3. rocka follow says:

    hahahhahahaha I loved the neon look!
    Kisses, Ana

  4. sunday says:

    oh those green shoes are so fun!

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