And so it begins again

How has your weekend been?? They just go too quickly don’t they.

photo copy 16

photo copy 13

This happened…. Who doesn’t love Italian. It was so yummy

photo copy 11

photo copy 12

The restaurant had crayons in the centre, I was simultaneously impressed and entertained. Was also impressed with zee muscles

photo copy 14

 Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 4.32.18 PM

I did not do anything at all festive but if I had I would have worn something like this. In the cooler weather I think this is a really cool look to channel when  clubbing. Effortlessly chic yet still very fun and tasteful

  photo copy 21

I love a good market on a Saturday, this was at the Jan Power markets in New Farm. The worst thing about markets though is that it’s next to impossible picking what you want to eat when it is all just so scrumptious.

photo copy 22

photo copy 18

I also played dress ups with one of my über glam friend’s new pieces from angle diamond dot, talk about perfection. I want to steal it all from her!

photo copy 17

J’adore this bangle!

May your week be filled with chic outfits, scrumptious food and some seriously happy times


One thought on “And so it begins again

  1. Charlotte says:

    Still upset I didn’t get a strawberry but your drawing was very good!

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