Hey there Sunday

You have most certainly crept up on me. Back to uni tomorrow… No doubt it will be a day filled with riveting facts, inspiring lectures and multiple trips to the lollie shop, it is quickly becoming my ‘local hang’


I have admitted defeat and am currently back in bed writing this. I accidentally had a little bit of a late one last night not big just late. It was truly unintentional! 19th’s are taking it out on me…

photo copy 4

photo copy 2

Selfies on a Saturday are not only a must but the only time when a selfie is appropriate.


Skirt by Zimmermann

photo copy 17

Bulk blinged and bulked on cupcakes

photo copy 3

This morning however I did drag myself out of bed to help at a community BBQ for the homeless. Given all of the wonderful things I have in my life which I am so very grateful for I feel this is something I have to do and should be doing a lot more of.

photo copy 5

Kept it demure in black Acne jeans and a standard denim top and followed it with sushi


Eagerly awaiting to see what the stars are wearing at this years Logies, only half and hour to go!! Obviously it is not the Oscars but we’ll take what we can get.

Have a splendid Sunday night kiddo’s

Snap back to reality

Obviously my head is still among the clouds dreaming of my new swimming pal Larry

photo copy 2


What a handsome devil!

IMG_1471Luckily I had a soft landing with a lovely friends ’19th Soiree’




I wore my jungle. Penelope the peacock and The serpent

photo copy 62


Followed it with an unintentionally matching morning walk, chilled chai and too many waffles…


When did chilled chai become so trendy?? Well whenever it happened I just think it is the best thing since sliced bread



Anyway have you seen the trend report from style.com? It is quite fabulous. While I am off at breakfast and Saturday morning tennis, go look at it!!


Sending you some happy Saturday vibes from Sourced Grocer x

This is Paradise

As I sat on a speedboat watching the world fly by, behind a wall of splashing water, I had one simple thought could it really get any better than this?

Last year I spent months travelling to some divine places but honestly none are more amazing than this. I think us Aussies being so far away from the rest of the world are born with a burning desire to explore, so much so that sometimes we miss what is on our doorstep.

Fortunately we are friends with a gorgeous family who have an an gem of an Island surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Whitsunday’s.

The Island was to die for chic and we had the such a ripper of a time, this is some happy snaps taken along the way!





Was an ‘oh my’ moment when I realised this is where we ate lunch…


Lunch was followed with afternoon Pimm’s, can you tell I am an 18 year old??


My father makes a cracker of a Pimm’s, which is a big call considering I have spent a summer in London, where Pimms was the drink of choice!






Ksubi was my brand of choice they had a fab sale at the end of summer and I may have accidentally purchased an awful lot of unnecessary summer clothing, oh well it came in handy when islanding



Big hats and red lips were a must, Miranda Kerr you and your instagram are to blame for this ‘micro Whitsunday trend’



We had dinner one night at an über delicious Asian Restaurant. Sista C wore Zimmermann


Mrs B kept it glam as per usual



Already dreaming about these dumplings…



In other news have you read the Vogue Factor, I just finished it and it is fabulous Kirstie Clements writes so beautifully and she is just all class


Best be off enjoy my last few days of the holidays, or maybe to finish my assignment!

Take me to a far away land…

Happy Easter Sunday.

We are off to Hamilton Island in 2 hours ok so it is not that far away but it is perfection.

Words cannot begin to describe my excitement.

photo copy 12

photo copy 61

Other than my very pale skin which I blame on the fact I am 1/4 British I am a beach bum at heart.

photo copy 3

My favourite places in the worlds are places where there is great beaches (and good shopping always helps too)

484057_10151183157480917_257058729_n 2

The packing is going brilliantly…… Sarcasm intended

photo copy 70

I once went to the beach for the weekend when I was 12 and when we arrived said “Mum did you pack the shorts for me” To which she replied “I didn’t pack anything for you”

photo copy 63

photo copy 65

photo copy 66

So we had to go shopping and I received a new beach wardrobe… I wish I could say I was sneaky and just planned for all that to happen but that would be a lie.

photo copy 51

In other news one dam fine Easter Bunny brought me the worlds greatest presents

photo copy 69

photo copy 67


Little Treasures

photo copy 21

I am having one of those days where annoying little things just keep going wrong.

photo copy 37

They are massive ‘first world problems’ and I really just need to get over myself! Actually I don’t even think I can call them problems…

 photo copy 27

photo copy 45


Nonetheless it is days like this that make you appreciate the happier ones you have and make you search for all the little treasures in your life, you so often take for granted;

like  travel memories, 1 pound Primark hats, scumptious food, beautiful gifts, photo booth happy snaps…









Happy Saturday!


Cheers to the Weekend

photo copy 31

Happy Long weekend.

May it be filled with happiness, family, friends and sickness induced by over easter-egging (verb: the act of over eating too many deliciously chocolatey easter eggs in too short of a time period).

photo copy 45

Fruit + Flowers. Obviously would prefer chocolate…

photo copy 33

and daaymm Africa check dat sunshine

photo copy 55

photo copy 60

Sista C wearing her signature, striped top and Hermés Belt

photo 3

I wore my new Ksubi tee, well its old season but on sale. I am really having a moment with Ksubi at the moment, it just so easy to wear.

photo copy 49

We just ate a mammoth Good Friday feast, a siesta is so about to happen.

photo copy 64

photo 2

photo 4

Ps. I have officially over easter-egged. It sucks stop yourself, it is not worth the pain!

Beach Bliss

photo copy 43


I had a day off uni today and being the dedicated first year uni student that I am I went to Noosa.

photo copy 42

photo copy 30

When the sun is shining why would you be anywhere but the beach?

photo copy 38

photo copy 44

Bistro C for lunch, always goes down a treat. I had the chicken salad. There is few inventions in the world greater than that of a ridiculously, scrumptious salad.

photo copy 4

photo copy 8

Left me thinking about Cinque Terre, in Italy. I spent a week there last year, and it was one of the best weeks of my life. Seriously people put it on the to do list.

photo copy 18

photo copy

photo copy 19

Every time I chatted to my Mum on the phone she became annoyed as I was eating gelato and not responding to her. In every picture I am eating gelato… Talk about ice-cream addiction!

photo copy 29

photo copy 28

Do you spy the Easter moon, I am ridiculously obsessed it is far too chic.

Trend to Try

I have decided I am going to dedicate Thursday to ‘trend to try’, the alliteration works what can I say!

With the Fall 2013 RTW collections only recently finishing there is an abundance of new trends out there just waiting to be tried and tested, but I think the simplest is this little one from Chanel. Now I am not going to lie you do have to be a quite brave to pull it off, but when has a little bravery ever hurt anyone!


_D7Q0896.450x675 CHA_2327.450x675 CHA_2372.450x675


Do you see how they wear the necklace over the top over their hair? Hello quirky yet fabulous!

Put this necklace over your luscious, straight locks and pair with a pair of black jeans, and oversized light grey shirt and some uber cool leather boots and BAADDAABING you have the Karl look (I say Karl because isn’t this collection just so very Karl even more so than Coco? Whatever it is I am obsessed)

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 7.31.45 AMNecklace by Lovisa $24.99 and in the flesh it is massive, chunky and fabulous and would sit perfectly for this trend.


Just when you think it can’t get any cooler…

Céline sends out this collection.

It has been nearly a month since they showed at Fall 2013 RTW Paris Fashion Week, and I can’t stop loving it, I try getting over it but I just cannot.

The things I would do to get a Céline coat! It was hard to pick but these are my favourite four looks.

Imagine wearing the first look could you be any classier or sexier, or the grey fur skirt is it perfection or is it perfection?


celine celine2 celine4 celine 3


Do you spy the latest must have?

On the streets of Paris all photos taken by Tommy Ton. Now because this is the first of these games that we are doing, I am going to make it easy.

On another note you know you are fashion obsessed when you begin telling people you are off to buy a ‘Tommy Ton Navigator” the correct name is apparently ‘Tom Tom” I wish I could buy Tommy Ton though, that would be awesome.





Is AdR killin’ it, or is she killin’ it.

Did you spot it, if you didn’t I am worried for your well being. It is the reflector sunnies. What colour would you do? My sister and I do blue and red. They are new season ray-bans so go and get them if you so desire.